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Deroplatys lobata (Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis)

RM 55.00


Common name: Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis 

Scientific name: Deroplatys lobata 

One of the most beautiful mantis from Malaysia. D.lobata level 1 to 5 nymph/sub-adult is available for adoption. 100% bred from our laboratory. Bring it home and watch it grow into a beautiful adult mantis which resembles dead leaf. Want some actions from mantis - the Kung Fu Warrior? TAKE ME HOME!

Price at RM55 each mantis nymph at Level 1 to 5 (a cup of mantis food is packed along for your convenience)

Come along with receipt from MBRS for DWNP licensing purposes
Each of them certified 100% bred from our lab

Feeding for L1 and L2: smaller fruit flies (click here for order)                              
Feeding for L3 and L4: bigger fruit flies (click here for order)                    
Feeding for L5 onwards: small insects (click here for order)                                   

Each of the mantis is certified 100% bred from our lab
Free Delivery all around West MALAYSIA

What you get

RM55 per head (FREE delivery WM)

1 head of mantis

1 unit temporary housing cup (for mantis)

1 tup mantis food (our farm-bred flightless fruit flies)

1 packet coco peat

Some twigs 

Care tips

Mantis Habitat Kit available now!

click here

Mantis + Kit (Melaka ButterflyReptile).jpg