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Moving Leaf Insect (LIMITED stock)

RM 60.00

INSECT: Moving Leaf Insect (Serangga Daun)

Common name: Malaysian Giant Leaf Insect 

Scientific name: Phyllium giganteum 

Food: Young mango leaf


Meet one of the coolest camouflage from Malaysia rainforest!

These are the Moving Leaf Insects!

Yes, a species of insect that resembles the appearance of a leaf! After a period of 10 months in incubation, these nymphs finally hatched and are available for  immediate adoption!

Take home one and begin your epic journey of discovery!

Price at RM60 each nymph range from Level 2 to Level 4.

Come along with receipt from MBRS for DWNP licensing purposes
Each of them certified 100% bred from our lab

Each of the mantis is certified 100% bred from our lab
Free Delivery all around West MALAYSIA

What you get

RM60 per head (FREE delivery WM)

1 head of leaf insect (nymph)